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Ballroom & Latin Dance Dresses

Smooth/Standard Gowns

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Let Fitting Sewlutions deliver your ballroom dance dress needs!  I create gowns that fit and flatter your figure - the best way to increase your confidence and enhance your dance performance, whether it’s for a local showcase exhibition or the competition floor.

Custom-made ballroom dance costumes are designed especially for you, with focus on -

        Personalized service

Collaborative design process

Flattering style and fit for your unique figure

Costume Alterations and Restyling is available on both old and new costumes. This can be an affordable way to re-create or improve your existing dress.  With skillful work and a mindful eye to the design integrity of your gown,  we can -

Improve the fit

Update the style

Better enhance your figure

Increase your comfort (changes in length, coverage for arms, improve bust support, etc.). 

Pricing for all work includes services, materials and Swarovski rhinestones.  Dresses/gowns feature a built-in leotard, bra cups and quality stretch fabrics.  Pricing will vary based on the style complexity, fabrication, and rhinestone quantity.

Custom Latin/Rhythm dresses start at $800, can range up to $2,500

Custom Smooth/Standard gowns start at $1,500, can range up to $4,000

Restyling an existing dress or converting it into a ballroom dress can range from $200 to $1,000.

Dresses for Sale:  While most of my dresses are custom-made for individual clients, I do have a small stock of dresses available for sale or rent. 

To see and try a dress on in person, please contact me to schedule an appointment in the studio. 

To purchase directly over the phone via Paypal, please call me at 414-761-8000. Dresses will be shipped after your payment has cleared.  Purchasers will have 24 hours after delivery confirmation date to return the dress for any reason, assuming no change from its shipped condition.  After those 24 hours, sales are final.

Dresses for Rent:  Dresses are available to rent for showcases and competitions, rental fees vary from $100-$250 .  Please contact me for details.





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