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Bridal Bustles

What's a Bustle?

  • A set of buttons/loops/snaps/ties (points) that I sew into the wedding or prom gown's train. When secured, the points pull the train up to floor length. 

  • Sometimes simple, but often complex, with 1-20+ points depending on the gown. 

  • Not normally manufactured into gowns because they depend on your height and shoes.  

  • Usually one of three types are used - external, internal (French), and suspended. There are also some variations on these.

I will show you each type on your gown - then the dress tells us it's best bustle, regardless of any ideas we might have in mind!  Every person's gown, figure, height and shoes, along with the train fabrication and dimension, is unique and impacts your bustle appearance, design and construction.

Most bustles are secured after the bridal ceremony, when it's time to move around/mix with people/dance at your event. Try to have someone attend one of your last fittings to practice securing the bustle.   I'll also make an instruction card showing the bustle points and how to secure them.

Here are several bustles I've created at Fitting Sewlutions by Sue Tenney.  The first seven show the train before and after it's bustled, the rest show only the bustled view.  Enjoy!