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Fitting Sewlutions by Sue Tenney is a one-woman shop - I do all fitting, alterations and restyling, sewing, bead and lace work myself.  Over the years I have also designed and created many custom gowns and ballroom dress dances, so bring a very broad range of skills to all of my work.  


Services Include:

  • Belts & Bows Created, Added/Modified

  • Bust Fitting & Support -

    • Bra Cups Inserted

    • Bust Coverage Increased/Modesty Panel Added

  • ​Bustles (see examples in Gallery)

  • Fitting Waist, Hips, Seat and Thighs​

  • Hem Shortening, from Simple to Complex (tiers; horsehair or fish-line edges; lace; beading; heavy stretch crepes; trains, etc.)

  • Lace and Bead Work

  • Monograms/Wedding Date/Other Momentos Created and/or Sewn In

  • Neckline Reshaping

  • Pregnancy Accommodation

  • Shortening Bodice/Skirt at Waist for Petite Figures

  • Stays/Structure Added to Support and Secure Gown Position

  • Steam/Pressing

  • Straps or Sleeves Created/Modified/Fit

  • Style Suggestions

  • Vintage/Heirloom Gown Restyles (See Gallery)

  • Zipper Converted to Lace-up/Corset Back

  • Retail Items for Sale -

    • Bra Cups
    • ​Garment Bags​
    • Petticoats/Slips/Crinolines
    • Plunge Back Long-line Bra


When to Start?

Brides:  3-5 months before event date; 6-9 months for vintage/heirloom gown restyles.

All Others:  2-3 months before event; allow 3 months to restyle a gown or make it significantly larger.

Book Early:  You can book well in advance of your first fitting appointment, which I recommend as my calendar can fill up in April-Oct. busy season.

Studio isFully Insured, Smoke Free, and Pet Free 

Fitting & Appointment Requirements:

  • Brides :  3 to 5 appointments of 30-60 minutes.

  • All Others: 2 to 3 appointments of 15-30 minutes.

  • Bring the exact shoes you’ll wear for the ceremony and reception

  • Bring the exact bra you'll wear (this is key to rocking your gown!):

    • For A-C cups, I stock bra cups that provide nice shaping.  If you need uplift, bring along a regular or strapless bra to try too.
    • For D cups and larger, you'll need a new, supportive bra. If a gown has 1 or no straps, you'll need a long-line style bra which has support coming up from the waist/hip.  (Trust me on this one - that corset in your gown is to hold the dress up, not to give your bust good uplift.)

  • Bring shapewear if you plan to wear it.  Try it out before your appt. to be sure it doesn't roll and/or isn't too uncomfortable.

  • Please wear a thong/underwear.

  • Maintain a stable weight - if your body size changes, it may require billable re-work.  Most formal gowns don't stretch at all, so your gown's fit may change due to weight gain/loss, hormonal cycle, water retention, medication changes, cleanses, working out, weather, or surgery.

  • Try to keep guests to 2 or less, and no children, as space is limited.

  • Avoid fainting – by eating/hydrating ahead of time, and keeping your knees flexed during fittings (do this at your ceremony/event too!).

  • Be clean and free of tanning oils/spray/lotion that could stain your gown.

  • No food, beverages or cell calls in the studio.

  • Final gown pickup -  is to be done 2 weeks prior to your event date.  Pregnant clients are exceptions, as they may need fitting  up to the week of their event.

Perfect fit is a must in this sculpted lace gown!


Expert Bra Fitting services and long-line bras: 

Allure Fits  - Mequon and Brookfield

Voluptuous Secrets - Downtown Milwaukee

Prevent Undergarment Show-Through by matching your underwear color to your skin tone.  White or colorful undies can show through a white gown, even when it has several fabric layers!

Shoes:  Your gown will be hemmed for your ceremony shoes, frequently a fabulous pair of high heels.  If you plan to then switch to flatter comfy shoes for the reception, the front of your gown will be way too long.  

Two good solutions to this:

  1. stick to a single pair of shoes, or

  2. consider a comfy wedge shoe/flipflop with platform under the toes. 

Your bustled train length will be based on your reception shoes.


  • All billing is based on actual time spent on your gown and fittings.  It can vary widely from one gown to the next - e.g. bridal gowns can require from 2-20 hours for alterations/restyling.

  • I provide an estimated price range for all work you'd like done on your gown.

  • Typical Alteration Prices - 

    • Bridal Gowns:  start at $100, and usually run $400-800+, but can run much higher for complex designs, fit issues, re-sizing, or restyling. 

    • Maids/Matrons:  usually run $40-$160+, but can run higher for full skirts, multiple layers, fit issues, or pregnancy/other enlarging.

    • Prom/Formal: usually run $40-400+, but can run higher for full skirts/multiple layers; style, construction and fit complexities; presence of beading/rhinestones, etc.

    • Mothers of Bride/Groom:  usually run $40-350+, and varies with style/construction details and fitting issues.

  • Brides should plan to budget on the high side if you have:  a lot of fitting issues; a complex hem; lace/beads/sequins/rhinestones in areas to be altered; a desire to make big style changes; or are very particular.  Also, be aware that many clients notice more 'issues' with their gown at their first fitting!

  • Sometimes your curves or proportions just won't match the ones manufactured into the dress, or the structure/design of a dress limits how/where it can be altered.  This can result in higher alteration costs and/or less perfect results than hoped for.

  • What you paid for your gown has no bearing on its alterations price. For example, a  full, multi-layer hem may entail the same amount of time/price to alter on a $80 communion dress, $300 prom dress, or $3,000 bridal gown (really!).

  • I'm a craftswoman, taking apart your gown and customizing it to your body.  This may include removing lace, beads, boning, etc., and 2 to 6+ separate layers of fabric.  It may not be simple, even on what appears to be a simple dress, and at times may require hand versus machine sewing.

Rough Estimates - Wedding Gowns: 

  • If you would like more info than above,  please email me  and include your bridal gown designer and style name/number, or a link, or separately email me a photo if you have one, plus a general idea of the services your gown might need.  I'm happy to provide a rough estimate, but final billing is always based on actual time spent on your gown.

Consultation Time:

  • Consult - a $35 half-hour bridal consult is available to assess vintage/restyle possibilities or feasibility; or to otherwise assess the work you'd like done to your gown.  

  • First Fitting - I must account for my time and expertise, so please be aware that if you choose to not leave your gown with me after your first fitting for any reason,  you will be billed for that time.

Deposit & Payments:

  • Full payment is required by the last fitting and to remove gowns from  the studio.   

  • I accept cash, check, and major credit/debit cards.

  • An initial deposit is due at first fitting for all bridal gowns (typically 50% of estimate); and on other dresses involving special material orders or significant estimates.